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Black Nectar

5.8% ALC/VOL 330ML

Black Nectar is an Oatmeal Stout crafted with a blend of dark roasted malts and oats. The dark malts are the hero of this beer, delivering roastiness with chocolate and coffee notes.  The oats add body and sweetness to balance the bitterness of this delicious stout.

Technical Details

ABV: 5.8%
IBU: 40
OG: 1.061
FG: 1.017
Colour: 75 EBC


This was our inaugural beer. So why a stout for our first beer? The minerals in water have a major impact on brewing. Martinborough’s water is perfectly suited for dark beers and has a similar profile to some of the world’s best known brewing regions of dark beer, such as London, Brussels and Munich. Unlike most of New Zealand’s water supplies that are low in minerals and highly treated, Martinborough Brewery takes its water from local boreholes that have a unique profile of high minerals and alkalinity. When roasted malts are mashed with Martinborough water, the result is a mash that has the perfect environment to extract the best from the grains. We have used NZ Gladfield base malts, blended with crystal and dark malts. It’s the dark malts that create the roastiness and chocolate flavours while the addition of oats adds body and balances the bitterness with sweetness. This stout truly oozes with depth and flavor, much like the Nectars of the Gods, Black Nectar that is!

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Black Nectar

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4 x 330ml Bottles of Martinborough Brewery Black Nectar